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  • Learner Driver lesson

  • Refresher Driving Lesson

  • Nervous Learner Lesson

  • Overseas Licence Holders / International Students

  • Drive Safe NT

  • Practical Driving Test (P’s)

Whatever your specific needs, whether you are a newbie or experienced driver, young or old, A1’s individualized and tailored approach means that we can help you achieve your driving goals and become a safer and more confident driver.

We have a range of learner driving lessons, whether you a learner driver wishing to get your provisional license, or you wish to refine your driving in preparation for your full license test. Perhaps you are getting a license endorsement and need to take a practical driving test. Or you have an overseas license and you need to convert to NT Australian driver’s license. Or you may be looking for some refresher lessons to improve your driving. You have come to the right place.

After an initial assessment of your driving, we will design a tailored lesson and coaching plan that will allow you to reach your goals. We will provide you with flexible and structured lessons in a calm, supportive, and enjoyable learning environment, allowing you to become both a skillful and confident driver.

We will provide you with a learning logbook, which will provide you with a record of your progress and help you with your driving practice.

We actively encourage the participation of parents, friends, and family as they will be able to support you with your driving practice outside your formal lessons.

Once we feel you are ready to sit your test, we will conduct a mock test to help you prepare for the actual test, which will make the test experience less stressful and increase the chances of a successful outcome.