Call us on 0403 419 709 to book your driving classes today

Q Do you conduct P’s testing ?

Yes, Our Instructors are government approved C class licence testers (P’s for automatic & Manual). To book your test please call us on 0403419709.

Q Do you do DRIVESAFE government program?

Yes, We do drive safe program. Please visit our services tab for more information.

Q What do I need to do before I can start driving?

Before learn to drive, You will need to study The Road users Handbook, A guide to driving in the Northern Territory published by Northern Territory Motor Vehicle Registry. When you feel confident that you know all of the information in the NT Road Users Handbook, you can sit your driver theory test to get your learner licence.

Q How much are lessons with a Qualified Instructor?

With A1 Territory Driving School you pay $85. (Discounts for bulk booking available. See our rates tab for package prices).  Call us on  0403419709 if you need more information. Happy to help.

Q How often should I have my lessons?

It is best to have at least one lesson a week.

Q How many driving lessons will I need to take?

This differs from person to person depending on previous experience and if the vehicle is automatic or manual.

Q Do you do intensive courses?

We can book you in as much as you like in a week, providing the times are still free. This will determine how quick you will be able to sit your license test.

Q Do I need to pass the Theory Test before I can start my driving lessons?

Yes, you need to sit your Theory Test and obtain your Learner Licence before you start driving a car.

Q What should I study to pass the Theory Test?

You should study the NT road rules book. You can go to ( page “practice test” to see how well you could do.

Q Where do I take my Theory Test?

You will take the Theory Test at MVR office located in Parap, Casuarina or Palmerston.

Q Now that there is a Theory Test, will I still be asked questions at the end of my Practical Test?

No. You will not be asked any questions when you sit the test for your Provisional Licence.

Q Can a friend or relative teach me how to drive?

Legally they are allowed to teach you as long as they have had their full Licence. However many drivers develop bad habits over the years, which might be passed on without realising it. It is easier for an instructor to teach good habits than it is to get rid of bad habits. Also, our cars at A1 Territory Driving School cars have dual controls fitted and fully insured for peace of mind.

Q Will my instructor expect me to know the basics of learning to drive?

It is not necessary to know anything about how to drive a car. We at A1, will start from the basics.

Q Do you provide tuition in Automatic Cars?

Yes we have dual-controlled automatic cars.

Q Do you provide tuition for people with disabilities?

No, but we can refer you to the right instructor who will provide tuitions for people with disability.

Q Do you provide Refresher Courses for Qualified Drivers?

We can help with upgrading from automatic to manual, overseas conversions,  teach you how to parallel park again or any other aspect of driving you need more confidence in.